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When can we go kiting again? When can we feel the wind without no worries? When can we live life like we used to? When can we go kiting again? **Been feeling a bit restless and uninspired these days. I know there are many things I should be grateful for... but I thought I would… Continue reading When


Mid-Year Update

6 months into 2020 & we’re still sporting face masks. In this restless time, thank you for being my constant. In this unpredictable time, thank you for being my light. 2020 was supposed to be our year, many big plans and big changes. Although none accomplished, having you by me is more than enough. Although… Continue reading Mid-Year Update


Review: Lush Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo

Wasabi and hair is not a pair you see every day, but this Lush Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo is something! PackagingIngredient list How did I come across this shampoo? I was in desperate need of a new shampoo that was going to be more gentle on my fragile hair because every time I would wash… Continue reading Review: Lush Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo


Hanoi Diaries

Went on a 2019-end-of-year trip to Hanoi, Vietnam for 6 days (22-28 Dec). Every Christmas, I've always stayed in Hong Kong, except that one year I went back to Nepal. Not that I celebrate Christmas, I just really enjoy the festive season being with friends and family. So, anyway, 2019 was the year where I… Continue reading Hanoi Diaries


Skincare Favourites: Paula’s Choice Review

I've always loved skincare, especially Korean skincare! Since the very first time of trying skincare products, I've been avidly using Innisfree and a few Etude House products. However, as my skin is maturing with age, I had been on the lookout for something a bit more intense and that's when I discovered Paula's Choice from… Continue reading Skincare Favourites: Paula’s Choice Review


Dear me & you,

I didn't just happen to stumble on my blog today like I normally would, which would then lead me posting something in here. Today, I actually wanted to share a review of my current skin care routine (a more mature one you could say) and this overwhelming feeling of wanting to get back to blogging… Continue reading Dear me & you,


Adventures of Bali

What an adventure Bali was! Sharing some of my favourite photos from the land of rice terraces, temples, beautiful beaches and of course monkeys (31st July- 7th Aug, 2019). This is no doubt a very lazy post but hopefully these pictures will inspire you to visit Bali one day! ✌🏽 Kelingking Beach (aka Dinosaur Island)… Continue reading Adventures of Bali


Dreams of miles away

For the longest time, as far as when my traveling fervor awakened, I've always wondered how Europe was like. I am aware that I don't have the greatest knowledge when it comes to the world, history, and many other things but the one place that I always wanted to visit was Paris, specifically because of… Continue reading Dreams of miles away