“Can I pray for you?”

“Can I pray for you?”

I’m sure everyone of us have encountered at least that one unique teacher that is an individual on their own unrestricted from the usual molded teachers. I know I have. Plenty, indeed. There is this one teacher in particular during my 2nd semester of my first year in University that suddenly popped in my head while I was browsing through courses that I have to register for the coming school term. 

This particular course was called “Human Intimacy: Friendship, Dating and Marriage”. The course name itself quite interesting. In this course, honestly, I was expecting more of the psychological perspective such as why people seek intimacies and the connection to human intimacy history. However, I soon realized that it was focused more on the importance of these relationships to people these days and especially on developing and improving our own intimate relationship. We were paired in partners and were encouraged to develop a kind of relationship through out the course. Our professor, a tiny old Chinese man, was a very kind man He was always prepared for class and he always had a brightening smile on his face. More than his teaching of relationship theories and presentations, I especially enjoyed his sharing of his personal experiences, which he did quite often. 


His first love, was his final love. Whenever he would talk about his wife, it always brought us in “awww”. He and his wife had quite a magical love story, starting from when they were young teenagers. Of course in his time, he was not fortunate with all these easy gadgets that help us keep in touch with our loved ones. And in today’s world, it is rare to have dated the only one. Personally, I feel that people these days are easily influenced by their immediate emotion. At the moment of rage, they blurt out everything horrible they can remember and think of but soon realize that they cannot take the words back. I know this, because I have done this, many times myself and I end up regretting all that I said. Even the constant heartfelt “Sorries” cannot replace them. That was one thing I gained through his sharing. To not give in to your immediate emotion. Anyway, this professor, would bring photographs of his wife, family and their memories together. He always seemed very happy to talk about his wife. 

At the end of the course, the last class of the course. Something unfamiliar happened. At the very end of 5 minutes, he asked “Can I pray for you?”, in such a soft, gentle voice. And he did, with both his hands crisscrossed and eyes closed, he asked God to bless us all with our relationship we have with our family, friends and lovers and to guide us in finding the one love of our life and to find happiness in all our relationship that we have. This brought tears to my eyes, seeing the purity of love he wished to share with all of us. The fact that he has found his one in the whole universe and wanted the same for all of us. This touched me so much and brought me this feeling of realization of my own relationship that I have with everyone in my life. I realize I never thought of the importance of every single person in my life, each brought a new experience, a new discovery, a new kind of love. This was the first time I actually thanked God for putting every person in my life because now I know there was always a reason for it. 


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