Shout Out MO MO…

Shout Out MO MO !!!

I was feeling rather lonely the other day, not having seen a single Nepalese soul, when all my friends had found a friend or two of their nationality. It’s not that I preferred Nepalese friends but it would have definitely helped to ease the pain of being homesick. I really envied the connection and I wished I had a friend I could speak Nepali with. Anyway, since I have bee here and the topic of food would come in, I never missed a chance to mention Mo mo, which every Nepalese could never have enough of.

Coming out of the gym, I spotted a guy on his bike, who I thought looked like he could be a “Nepalese”.


Friend: “Maybe he is! Go talk to him!!!”

Me:Β “Noo.. that would be really weird.. ! lol”

And my friend did the most outrageous and silly thing I never imagined!

Friend: “MO MO!! MO MO!!!”

She went on.. loud enough for the guy to hear.

Me: “OMGG! What are you doing?!!” I said, laughing my head off.

Friend: “Surely he would have turned around if he was a Nepalese..!”

Thanks to my smart friend, that’s one method I’ve learnt to spot and hopefully bond with a Nepalese.




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