Is your Reality your Dream?

Is your Reality your Dream?


I woke up this morning, bewildered whether I was still dreaming or have actually woken up. Have you ever considered the thought that perhaps our reality is all a dream and our dreams are our existence?

This morning I woke up feeling strange, like I was in a distant place in solitary. I had casually opened my eyes and in an instant, I felt a shift in gravity, like I had traveled millions of years at the speed of light, arriving at a foreign universe far, far away from my own being. I peeked from side to side, hoping for something familiar but nothing in sight. I thoughtlessly stretched my arm and reached for something. “5 more minutes to 8”, I thought. I closed my eyes vigorously and tried to seal them lock, but No. I was in vain. I was wide awake. ย I started feeling blue, dreading the dullness of the day and desiring more and more of the paradise I was lost at. Thereupon, I started wondering what if our reality was all a dream and our dreams were our existence? (I wished!) Then, I replayed the paradise that lived in my head, in my mind and devoured every detail of it before it faded away and awaited for the day my mind decides to take me to the “paradise” once again.


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