The Duke & the Doctor

The Duke & the Doctor

Last weekend, I was in this small town called Durham, that is located in North Carolina State. I was able to visit one of the best medical school in the States, Duke University. As previously warned by my friend of the very “Harry Potter” looking structure of the campus, I actually enjoyed admiring the beautiful architecture, there was just so much Art! The gardens were very mystical just as the history behind it. The garden was dedicated in the memory of Duke’s Wife, Sarah. P Duke (how romantic). The Duke Chapel was breath-taking and entering a real, real Church for the first time intensely drew me deeply. I was in love with the whole Gothic Beauty of the University!

Later that day, during dinner with my friend’s family, they told me how the whole town was full of doctors! So, obviously the medical centers and health care was probably a BOMB as well! We came to talk about this one specific doctor, who has already retired for years since he was in his 80s. He was a great surgeon of his time and very passionate at what he did professionally. However, even though he has retired for years and years, he still thought he was a doctor, saying “Once a doctor, always a doctor.” It wasn’t a different scene when he walked around town, pretending to a doctor because the town people knew and would be better off to not burst his bubble of reality. However,one time, when people heard a cry in the middle of the night, everybody rushed to the location of the scream, to find out his wife shrieking fanatically out of the house. The old doctor has tried to kill his wife which in his perspective as a doctor, was trying to operate his wife BUT with a kitchen knife. It was quite a dilemma what response was acceptable because of the poor doctor’s condition of amnesia. To me personally, it impressed me how the old man was able to live forever with his one passion in life; reliving each of his doctor days forever. This made me think that to most people medical conditions are seen as a curse, a very unfortunate deficit, but maybe, just maybe some can be viewed another way around.

To the reader that has made it this far, Happy Halloween!



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