Sophia: Omg omg!

Me: What?! What is it?!!! *turning aside the warm blanket on my lap and quickly rolling out of bed, feeling alarmed! Staring at her.*

Sophia: Ahhh!!! It’s snowing! SnowiNG!

Me and her literally running to the window and peeking through the blinds!!!


Me: *Running to my closet and grabbing my thickest jacket that I had reserved for when it did snow, in a haste, still screaming while Sophia quickly ties up her sneakers*

Me: lets goo lets goo!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Ready?!!

“Knock Knock!” “Knock Knock!”The door goes.

Hall mentor peering in our room queerly.

*knock knock*

Hall mentor: Is everything okay?!

We opened the door: “It’s SNOWING!!!!”

Hall mentor’s face: *LOL (-.-“)

We rushed to the emergency door (exit door).

“It’s snowing!!! ❄”

Feeling the icy, cotton, candy-like thing on my face, arms spread open… I realized I was in my embarrassing superwoman Pajamas! But still, I did not give a care!

“It’s Snowing!”

*This was my first snow ever in my life and as you can see, I was pretty pathetically hyped about it! Whenever I see snow again, I will definitely remember me and my roomie’s reaction! Quite priceless!


*There’s me with my dorky smile :B


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