Let the lights Inspire You, #NYC <3

Let the lights Inspire You, #NYC <3

I can’t believe I was in New York last week! Never in a million year did I thought I’d see New York.. especially not this soon but  perhaps the bucket list fairy has finally chosen me. I cannot explain the happiness I felt when I stepped on the concert pavement of New York, seeing people run down the streets with their dogs, the sight of the yellow cabs and of course the very delicious hot-dog stand that you can find in almost every corner of New York.

After a 10 hour bus ride (27 November, 2013)… we were finally in the streets of NY in traffic already… welcomed by the rain.


but it was still warm and cozy at the NY hostel..

First stop was Central Park! It was quite a sight with its dull yellow leaves just hanging there by a thread… til the wind blew them far.

Then next stop was the Natural Museum… it was a massive 4 floor building filled with  interesting histories in all 4 corners.

Late that night, we were  special guests at Madame Tussaud’s to meet Mr President and his lovely lady 🙂 It was a quite an honor!


We ended our long day at Times Square, mesmerized by the glistening lights. 🙂 Yep, that’s me with my mesmerized face 😛

Day 2 was Thanksgiving (28 Nov, 2013) and we hardly made it to the Macy’s thanksgiving parade… the crowd was crazy!!!

So we didn’t get to see it properly and we pushed our way to wherever it would take us. On the way we saw this really amazing street artist that created amazing pictures using oil sprays in under 5 minutes! (I know this because I filmed him, so I don’t have a picture to post unfortunately..)

We decided to head to the Rockefeller Center and bought tickets to go all the way up. It was freezing and the wind made it even worse! I could hardly pull a smile with the wind on my face.. :/

But I did manage to get a decent picture with the sleek and sophisticated Empire State behind me 🙂 I really felt like I was on top of the world!

Day 3, November 29 2013. It was quite a lazy day for us with all the walking and sight-seeing here and there but it was BLACK FRIDAY!!! So ofcourse, we girls still found the strength to go in the hustle and shopp til we drop!

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as I imagined my first Black Friday… 😦 The crowd and the lines and the hustle and bustle was just too much and not worth it for the deals, well at least for clothing apparels. So we just ended it there and headed back to get some good night sleep!

Day 4, 30 November, 2013, last day in NYC and we were determined to do everything there is to do! First stop, the 9/11 memorial. The line was crazy long but the wait was soooo worth it! It really is a beautiful tribute to all those lost on that very day. I clearly remembered that day as a child seeing it in national TV. I did not believe it at first, thinking it was a fake video but then the constant playing of the video of the planes crashing in the news made me realize the horrible event. Even though, I did not lose anyone to that event, I was very much touched and felt deeply for the ones that lost. I will always remember this beautiful place, where once there were the two twin towers with all these people that had so much for their lives but had fallen too soon.

The only thing left after the horrible incident was this tree. It was truly inspirational to see that it still stood strong and bold, like a symbol of hope. The hope for all the survivors and people that lost and the nation itself. Hope that everything fallen will rise again just like the tree.

After the Memorial, we made a quick stop at Wall Street to touch the ever-so famous BULL as tradition that believed it would bring us wealth and there I am posing with my hand all over it 😛

Next stop was the Statue of Liberty!!! This was another wish in my bucket list and I was so excited to see it! As a little girl, I would imagine how little I would look in front of the statue and today I was going to figure that out. 😀

And yes, I could imagine how little I would look, more to say non-existing if I were to be even on the edge of the lady’s foot. After taking millions of pictures from all angels for my satisfaction, we decided to go to Brooklyn bridge. The roads around the bridge were under construction so we really struggled to find it. A lady who approached us to ask if we knew the way was clueless as we were. We were on the verge of giving up, when that same lady across the road shouted and waved at us, pointing to a direction. We quickly followed and there we were.

And there we were overlooking the bright city of lights, the true colors of New York. It was the perfect place to enjoy the last night. We still had some time in our hands, so we headed over to Times Square once last time.

There we were at the red stairs in the center of Times Square, the heart of New York.

Along the way to our hostel, we made a quick stop at the Love Sculpture Statue and ended our night with conversations of the extraordinary adventure we had in NYC!

My visit in New York proved that it is possible to fall in love with a city this much!!! I really love this city because it made me so alive and not to mention it was very homely as it was very similar to Hong Kong in so many ways but definitely larger, brighter and livelier! I know I have to put New York City in my bucket list again because I am definitely returning back to this dream city. ❤


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