Childhood Dream

Childhood Dream

I was living a child’s dream yesterday night, building my own bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop in Westfield Mall in Bondi Junction (Sydney). It seemed so silly but the idea of making my very own bear, naming it and obtaining a birth cert, stuffing it with love and dressing it seemed so fascinating to me, even as a 21 year old. I had heard about this as a kid in Primary (Grade) School and since then I had always wanted to create one for myself. So, when my friend mentioned that there was one at the Westfield mall, I kinda hesitated but I thought ‘why not just fulfill my childhood wish’. So yes, I was definitely living my childhood dream, never imagining that one day it would come true! 

She is just a little peanut butter cub, light brown in color and very fluffy. I included a little heartbeat and a ‘I love you’ button on it just so and also because I can annoy my boyfriend with the ‘I love you’ recording over and over again. I also on put on a little coral top on her and bouquet of flowers.

The hardest decision though was naming her and my friend suggested to name her something that was familiar to me as a kid. It took me a while but soon traveling along the memory lane, I remembered something close to me that had just been put away. I was actually given a nickname by my Maths teacher who was from Turkey somewhere between grade 4-6. I wasn’t really fond of him (though I used to do very well in his class) but now when I look back, he was quite a passionate man who loved teaching us! So the nickname he gave me was ‘Hanam’, a name of turkic origin. I looked it up on google and I am not sure how reliable it is, but it meant simple “madam” or a “noble woman”, which I personally would like to think of it as the latter.

So there it is, meet my new cuddly friend Hanam. A memory from my past that won’t be kept away but will remain with me as it is.   






Free Hugs anyone?

Free Hugs anyone?

Friend: “Omg! I wanna hug him!!! Please, please take a picture okayy!!”

Me: “Nooo.. I don’t wanna hug him.. what if he’s some creepy old man.. “

Friend: “Just help me take a picture pleasse…”

Me: “If you go hug him and I’m there taking your picture.. I’m gonna have to hug him too because that’s what he will expect… If not its gonna be awkward..!”

So yeah. My friend hugged him and got a picture with him (finally!!!) and I was just there looking at him and he too, looking back at me, pleasantly smiling.

Me: (sighed) “All right.. I guess I’ll hug u too..” I said to the old man.

Man: “Awww.. that’s more like it!” He said still smiling.

I guess I was getting too worked up for nothing, being the usual me, conscious of my surrounding but I just had to hug him to realize what he was doing was purely out of genuine love to make people smile and of course there is nothing better than a hug that will instantly make you smile!



It’s a small world after all.

It’s a small world after all.

4th July, 2014

“Hi.. Would you like me to help you take a picture?” Rina asks, seeing that the man and his family of a wife and son were obviously struggling to get a picture together with the light house in the background.

“Oh yes. Thank you,” he replied, looking grateful and smiling.

“Ok! Smile!” said Rina, snapping their family picture several times.

“Thank you! Are you Chinese?” the man asks Rina.

“Yes,” she replies back in Cantonese.

“Oh! Where are you from?” the man further asks her, now speaking fully in Cantonese.

“I am from Hong Kong,” she replies back.

“Oh really! Me too. I am from Hong Kong too!”, said the man quite excitedly.

“Are you here for travel?”, he continuous on.

“Hmm… well, I am actually here for a 10 week immersion programme at the University of Wollongong…”, Rina replies quite hesitantly.

“Oh really? I was at a conference for the University of Wollongong too. Interesting! Which university do you study in back in Hong Kong?” he asks, looking more and more interested with his eyes-widening.

“Hong Kong Institute of Education..,”, she replies back again, not sure if she should continue on or say something else and leave.

“Oh! How lucky you are! And what are you majoring in?”, he enquires as if he was a distant family uncle that has seen her as a baby and has just met her after 20 years.

“I am majoring in education…”, Rina replies, still hesitant.

“Oh wonderful! Can I take a picture with you?”, he asks her quite frankly with a friendly smile.

“Ok.. sure!”, Rina replies, and already smiling ready for the camera, now in the man’s wife.

“Great!”, he says and slowing looks into his jacket’s inner coat and reaches for something.

“Here is my card back in Hong Kong,” he gives it to Rina, still grinning.

Rina accepts it and looks at the familiarity of the card.

“Oh my god! You are actually a professor from my university!”, she says, looking at him all bewildered, while he is still grinning.

“Haha! Yes,” he manages to say, now looking quite humble.

“Wow!”, says Rina, smiling and amazed by the fact that she bumped into one of her own professor all the way from Hong Kong!

She holds on to the card thinking, it is a small world after all.


Where Am I?

Where Am I?


It is unbelievable where life has taken me! Hello there my blogger friends, hello from Australia! Yes, I am in the beautiful country, in Aussieland, but not for long :(. Like the time that I went off to USA, this is also another school-related trip, an immersion trip to be precise, where we stay with a local Australian host family and take a course at the University for 10 weeks. This week is in fact marks the end of my 3rd week. Though, it is winter here and it is such a torture that I cannot really enjoy the beautiful beaches, I am still enjoying every bit of it. I am located in this city called Wollongong (quite a mouthful to say it!), just an hour and a half from Sydney, living in a cute little suburb, in an actual 2 storey house and the best part is that my bedroom overlooks our local beach, where I can see the horizon of the sea. Just absolutely beautiful!

So far, I have spent my weekends on Sydney, doing all the touristy things and visiting all the major places. The city really is something, just like many city. It has its characters, so lively, bright yet chill. I especially enjoyed the slow walk on the harbour bridge and oh how I wish I could afford to do the actual walk over the bridge (BRIDE CLIMB!), but due to budget control, I have another alternative that hopefully will give a similar experience. I am considering on doing the Skywalk on the Eye Tower sometime next weekend. It was also in Sydney where I first ate my raw oysters from the fish market. I would believe it if I was told they were cooked because honestly, they were so creamy and the perfect blend of sweet & sour. It didn’t seem raw at all! I am definitely myself for somewhere before I leave back for HK. Also, I have bought my UGG boots! Finally! It is funny how UGG are known as the Australian slipper back in HK. Yes, a very expensive one in deed.

This is it for now, I do not want to make it so lengthy and I have promised myself that I will be updating more. I really cannot believe where my 5 months flew! Literally… I have posted after a good 5 months.. what a shame!

Anyway, hope everyone else is having a great summer (an actual hot Summer :P)!