Where Am I?

Where Am I?


It is unbelievable where life has taken me! Hello there my blogger friends, hello from Australia! Yes, I am in the beautiful country, in Aussieland, but not for long :(. Like the time that I went off to USA, this is also another school-related trip, an immersion trip to be precise, where we stay with a local Australian host family and take a course at the University for 10 weeks. This week is in fact marks the end of my 3rd week. Though, it is winter here and it is such a torture that I cannot really enjoy the beautiful beaches, I am still enjoying every bit of it. I am located in this city called Wollongong (quite a mouthful to say it!), just an hour and a half from Sydney, living in a cute little suburb, in an actual 2 storey house and the best part is that my bedroom overlooks our local beach, where I can see the horizon of the sea. Just absolutely beautiful!

So far, I have spent my weekends on Sydney, doing all the touristy things and visiting all the major places. The city really is something, just like many city. It has its characters, so lively, bright yet chill. I especially enjoyed the slow walk on the harbour bridge and oh how I wish I could afford to do the actual walk over the bridge (BRIDE CLIMB!), but due to budget control, I have another alternative that hopefully will give a similar experience. I am considering on doing the Skywalk on the Eye Tower sometime next weekend. It was also in Sydney where I first ate my raw oysters from the fish market. I would believe it if I was told they were cooked because honestly, they were so creamy and the perfect blend of sweet & sour. It didn’t seem raw at all! I am definitely myself for somewhere before I leave back for HK. Also, I have bought my UGG boots! Finally! It is funny how UGG are known as the Australian slipper back in HK. Yes, a very expensive one in deed.

This is it for now, I do not want to make it so lengthy and I have promised myself that I will be updating more. I really cannot believe where my 5 months flew! Literally… I have posted after a good 5 months.. what a shame!

Anyway, hope everyone else is having a great summer (an actual hot Summer :P)!





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