Free Hugs anyone?

Free Hugs anyone?

Friend: “Omg! I wanna hug him!!! Please, please take a picture okayy!!”

Me: “Nooo.. I don’t wanna hug him.. what if he’s some creepy old man.. “

Friend: “Just help me take a picture pleasse…”

Me: “If you go hug him and I’m there taking your picture.. I’m gonna have to hug him too because that’s what he will expect… If not its gonna be awkward..!”

So yeah. My friend hugged him and got a picture with him (finally!!!) and I was just there looking at him and he too, looking back at me, pleasantly smiling.

Me: (sighed) “All right.. I guess I’ll hug u too..” I said to the old man.

Man: “Awww.. that’s more like it!” He said still smiling.

I guess I was getting too worked up for nothing, being the usual me, conscious of my surrounding but I just had to hug him to realize what he was doing was purely out of genuine love to make people smile and of course there is nothing better than a hug that will instantly make you smile!




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