Childhood Dream

Childhood Dream

I was living a child’s dream yesterday night, building my own bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop in Westfield Mall in Bondi Junction (Sydney). It seemed so silly but the idea of making my very own bear, naming it and obtaining a birth cert, stuffing it with love and dressing it seemed so fascinating to me, even as a 21 year old. I had heard about this as a kid in Primary (Grade) School and since then I had always wanted to create one for myself. So, when my friend mentioned that there was one at the Westfield mall, I kinda hesitated but I thought ‘why not just fulfill my childhood wish’. So yes, I was definitely living my childhood dream, never imagining that one day it would come true! 

She is just a little peanut butter cub, light brown in color and very fluffy. I included a little heartbeat and a ‘I love you’ button on it just so and also because I can annoy my boyfriend with the ‘I love you’ recording over and over again. I also on put on a little coral top on her and bouquet of flowers.

The hardest decision though was naming her and my friend suggested to name her something that was familiar to me as a kid. It took me a while but soon traveling along the memory lane, I remembered something close to me that had just been put away. I was actually given a nickname by my Maths teacher who was from Turkey somewhere between grade 4-6. I wasn’t really fond of him (though I used to do very well in his class) but now when I look back, he was quite a passionate man who loved teaching us! So the nickname he gave me was ‘Hanam’, a name of turkic origin. I looked it up on google and I am not sure how reliable it is, but it meant simple “madam” or a “noble woman”, which I personally would like to think of it as the latter.

So there it is, meet my new cuddly friend Hanam. A memory from my past that won’t be kept away but will remain with me as it is.   







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