Mid-night Calls

Mid-night Calls

So last night, while I was almost sound asleep, having the habit of putting my phone under my pillow so I am alarmed by my alarm in the morning, I was literally stroked by my friends call at midnight! This was not the first incident for this particular friend… But seems like for some reason I am the one he calls when he has this moment of realization and reflection.

Friend: I’ve been wondering.. Why was it that we met? My ex and I? What was the reason behind?

Me: What do u mean??

Friend: I mean.. I’m not dwelling over the past.. Or our relationship… But sometimes I just question why we were together?

Me: hmm.. *listening

Friend: U know.. I’m someone who believes that everything happens for a reason..

Me: Yea.. I believe that too.. And sometimes this reason is not always apparent. I mean just look back.. U’ve grown so much from that relationship.. U’ve just learnt so much about yourself.

Friend: Yea I know.. But do u remember that time.. Out of nowhere. We met at this total different continent. On that special day… So why? Is there a reason for that?

Me: Maybe. But you don’t really know. U don’t make something happen because you know the reason. You don’t do that. There’s definitely a reason for that but u may never know. That’s why we say everything happens for a reason. Not theres a reason for everything to happen.
(*while trying to explain.. I realize this was also something I never really thought about.. But now breaking it down.. I realize that’s how I interpret that saying too.)

Have you ever felt this way? I am sure everyone of us have… We just don’t really think what it is about we believe.. And the rationale behind and it is only when we do try to make our meanings across, we come in terms with what we believe in.