You jump, I jump remember?

You jump, I jump remember?

If you are an up-for-anything-and-everything sort of person and have an immense interest in bungee jumping or simple a YOLO attitude, you will probably know of the highest bungee jump in Macau. Well, seeing a person shoot down from the 61st plus floor made me second guess my desire to jump.

I had always wanted to bungee jump.. Just for the thrill of it but Oh My God, my heart sank when I saw people in action. I’m just wondering… How can you gather all of yourself before you just let yourself lose. I am not particularly scared of height and I actually love the thrill you get when you drop from a height like when riding in roller-coasters. I also realized my fearless boyfriend, or at least he assumes to be was even more scared than I was! Lol, anyway just for the fun of it, I’ve told him we should do it together and promised one another if one of us does it, the other has to too. So… Yah, I don’t know if it was a wise decision but I am kinda trapped now, aren’t I?

For all you experienced people, how did you guys do it? Any tips?



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