I mean it’s a “once in a lifetime” thing!

I probably should have written about this event earlier.. But hey, as they say, better late than never eh?

So Dec 7, I participated in a charity marathon “Color Run” which has taken placed in many major cities and likewise, it was the first time ever in Hong Kong. So obviously, being a runner or more a jogger myself, I had to join it and because it was for charity and a great cause, I could not just pass it. And most importantly, it was like no other marathon, it involved color! Like actual dust of colors (powders) thrown at you during the 5k run/jog/walk. So of course, there was just no reason to not go! Except I had an exam the next morning! What fun!

But no! For the first time (maybe not… But since I can’t remember any other), yes, the first time I would say, I just went right ahead, without any worries, like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I mean, it’s a “once in a lifetime” thing. I know.. Being a student for the couple of zillion years, exams will come and go, but colors smacked to your face while running/jogging/walking, nope! It’s a once in a lifetime thing!

So took my chances and enjoyed myself in the color blast!

Have any of you participated in color run or a similar event? Would love to hear your experience! And if you are a student like me and a marathon like this happens to be near you, for once just say f* exams/school and go for it! It will release all your stress from school too! Now that’s worth it!



Problem is…

“I have to do it! It’s been 3 days! Today I must! Remember how I have promised to myself that this month I will be more consistent. Yes! That’s right, consistent is the key! So, I must do it now, write it now! Okay! I can do this! Let’s do this!”

*looks up at the blank screen. Fingertips above the keywords.*

Sigh *nah !

Please tell me I’m not the only one. I love blogging and just writing in general and I really want to post and actually produce something on my blog… But sometimes it just gets so hard. I need inspiration. How do you all do it? I would really appreciate some genuine advice. Help!

Caught in action.

Cozy, Vibrant & Chill

Unexpected catching ups with friends are always the best! You literally catch that person in action, whether they were returning from work, school, an event or just happen to bump into them on the way. What’s even better than best is finding that place with that spot-on atmosphere! Well, this little huge coffee place was the one for us! The setting and everything about it was just wonderful! Very relaxed and a perfect way to end the night!

Located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

The Coffee Academics

And let’s admit it, we simply can’t resist taking foodies (Food+selfies), especially when it is so beautifully plated!

So let me bomb you with these…

food 3 food4food5 food7 food food2


No More Shopping till Next Year!

oh. That moment you put on a pair of jeans and they just slide up your thighs so smoothly and snugged, and you can’t believe what’s happening and you look at yourself at the mirror and BAM! You just look so good! Yep, totally my experience last night that ended up me buying 3 pairs of jeans! Good thing it was on sale!

I had always struggled to get jeans that actually fit me right and honestly it became my least favourite piece to shop. But that satisfaction was just amazing and since it’s almost Christmas and my birthday, it’s definitely a treat to myself! While, it’s nice to buy gifts for friends and family, it’s nice to be able to treat ourselves once in a while too. So you there, go get that cute pair of jeans! You might as well find that fit you like a glove!

Ps. Cuz m too excited, I probably will post some pics of them soon too! πŸ™‚

You are a Star!

If it is anything that I have learnt from my astronomy class, “Exploring the Universe”, it would have to be the very fact that we are stars, literally.

Even though I am an English major and Astronomy isn’t really my forte, I gained some valuable understanding about who we are and what we are.

Firstly, you are a star.

We originated from the bits and pieces of stars billions and zillionsΒ years ago, which our home, earth is made up of. So yes,Β technically, we can say we’re stars.

Secondly, the space of the universe is unimaginable, making us very, very small. Almost insignificant. The universe doesn’t revolve around earth, so similarly, we cannot expect ourselves to be the centre of attraction.

But then again no matter how small we feel, we are all special in our own way.

Why? Well, back to the first point, because you are a star.


photo credit:Β http://www.pinterest.com/pin/370491506819703069/

Winter :)

Winter has finally made its way to Hong Kong & it never fails to bring along the rain! But honestly, it feels so good to just cuddle in bed even though HK winter is not as cold. I’ve had 2 cups of hot Chocolate already and days like these, even though its cold and wet, makes me appreciate the little things. The fact that there’s a roof over my head and even a blanket to keep warm, makes me value and appreciate all that is so much more. I think this is the most beautiful feeling ever… Knowing you have such comfort in life, whether extravagantly or not, is probably one of the best feeling.

I am so grateful for everything I have and don’t have & I can’t wait what this last month of the year has to offer! & also.. Looking forward to another cup of hot chocolate!