Tilt your Head

Just as there are millions of people and so millions of ways of seeing, if one way doesn’t work for you, it’s not the end. Just tilt your head and you might see it differently!




Bringing back 90s


“Omg! I remember this when I was in like… in Elementary!”

“Bringing back the high school days eyy!”

“What are these called again…? Oh right! Chokers!”

The top 3 remarks of that day when I wore this tattoo choker for the first time at Uni. Well to sum it up, all I can say is that trends/fashion never go out of style since these 90s chokers are definitely making its huge comeback and they are defo conversation starters! Win/Win and I love them!

That’s lame…

“Language is communication” is a lame way to understand it… Indeed, I would say language is power. Power in the way it is capable of making meaning, which can be deep imprinted in our minds.

Today was the first class for my course, “Post-Colonial Literature” and I just know I will have an intense yet amazing semester!

New Year… Not so new Wardrobe!


Been obsessing over Fashion posts and I always wanted to start my own Fashion blog as well… But u know me. My dwelling phases are longer, but, I’ve decided, this year I will! So here goes my first post, ironically from the last night of last year!

I am actually wearing everything that I had already owned in my wardrobe and didn’t purchase anything exceptionally for the night. But you know what, I still felt like a brand new star ready to welcome the New Year!

What was your New Year’s outfit?

Where did December go?

The last time I checked it was still December… It was still the year 2014! I can’t believe in a blink of an eye that everything has passed along with the year, the holidays, Christmas and even my birthday! I can’t believe I am 22! It’s definitely going to be a struggle remembering I’m 22 and to write 2015 when Semester starts tomorrow!

I am so grateful for 2014 for making me, changing and breaking me in every way it did and I’m glad it happened cuz now I can move on to 2015 and work on other things that are yet to happen!

Despite the start of the crazy school
life and work, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me! I hope everyone of you, who have read it this far, a wonderful New Year filled with more Joy & Love than the last! ❀