Where did December go?

Where did December go?

The last time I checked it was still December… It was still the year 2014! I can’t believe in a blink of an eye that everything has passed along with the year, the holidays, Christmas and even my birthday! I can’t believe I am 22! It’s definitely going to be a struggle remembering I’m 22 and to write 2015 when Semester starts tomorrow!

I am so grateful for 2014 for making me, changing and breaking me in every way it did and I’m glad it happened cuz now I can move on to 2015 and work on other things that are yet to happen!

Despite the start of the crazy school
life and work, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me! I hope everyone of you, who have read it this far, a wonderful New Year filled with more Joy & Love than the last! ❀



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