Spring or Summer? & Scarfs

Spring or Summer? & Scarfs

If you are based in Hong Kong, you probably figure that there is in deed no Spring, but just straight Summer! Or maybe… it kind of alternates between the two.

It’s been a couple days and it already feels like Summer with the sun heating up in the afternoon. I guess the main issue is that it is just too humid! Then, again, Hong Kong is full of surprises as it was a little cooler today that it would be best to wear at least a little cardigan. Because of this bipolar weather condition, it can get tricky on which clothing piece to pack away and which to hang up for display.

Personally, I am the kind of girl who loves bundling up, layering and just staying cozy, so it is a little depressing for me since Winter is over. But going through my closet, I found the perfect piece that would still allow me to cling onto the cozier days yet it’s functional and stylish for HK’s Spring and even Summer! Of course, if you haven’t guessed it, Scarfs! Colorful, floral or crazy patterned bright scarfs are just the right piece that will give you a pop for any outfit! … & still keep you cozy for cooler evenings!

Check out some of these outfits inspiration! Totally loving the bright patterned, colorful scarfs!



So ladies, if you are kind of lost and totally brain farted on how to give some life to your typical greys, blacks and whites like me, let me just remind you of that crazy, bright, patterned scarf that you probably already have in your closet!



*All pictures retrieved from pinterest.


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