LASplash Splurge! Liquid Lipsticks Review

LASplash Splurge! Liquid Lipsticks Review


I have never been a make-up junkie and rarely would I buy make-up, but recently with the emergence of beauty channels and gurus in youtube, it’s quite unavoidable to not want to experiment with make-up! This is my first ever make-up post and I thought a quick review on these LASplash liquid lipsticks would be fun to share! They are amazing if you love intense pigmented lipsticks with matte finish that will stay on all day! There are actually 3 ranges; lip coutures, lip smittens and lip lustres. The lip couture (gold cap) is more liquidy in formula, while the lip smitten (pink cap) is more creamy in application. The lip lustres (silver cap) are pretty similar to the lip coutures, except the lipstick itself contains some shimmer for that shine effect. ย But honestly, I feel like they are pretty much similar! They literally are also everything proof and only an oil-based makeup remover will take this beast off ya lips!


Here I will share 5 of the LASplash lipsticks I own and totally loveee!


From left: Latte confession, Rose garden, Enchanted, Vampire & Faline. My favourite is definitely Latte Confession! It is the perfect blend of nude and mauvy pink and is just fit for everyday! By the way, if you’ve tried Lime Crime’s Pink Velvet,ย Enchanted (bright pink) is pretty much a dupe for it!

Now time for some lip actions! Btw, excuse me but I am quite sloppy in applying liquid lipsticks (still learning..! >.<) but I hope these lip swatches will show you the true value of these amazing lipsticks!

So that is that, I am totally in love with these lippies! & if you are on the look-out for something bold & forever-lasting, I really suggest you check these out! Would love to know which one is your favourite and what your thoughts are on them if you have tried them!





8 thoughts on “LASplash Splurge! Liquid Lipsticks Review

  1. Where you able to purchase them in HK? How much are they and where in Hk did you purchase them? Thank you

    Btw love the colors on you specially the latte confession.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! And latte confession is very popular and looks good on anyone!

      I bought it from an Instagram shop called Crazy_daisee (based in hk & really good service!) It was $150 HKD and its so worth it for the quality.

      Check them out, they also have a facebook page just “Crazy Daisee” and a shop in Yuen long ๐Ÿ™‚

      Let me know how you like them ! Im sure you will love them! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


      1. thank you so much for the quick response, really obsessing over these :p. They’re a bit drying on me but nevertheless great color pay off! ๐Ÿ™‚

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