Eyebrows on Fleek? Checked!

Eyebrows on Fleek? Checked!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good Easter break! Can’t believe I have been gone for a while but now I’m back to share my little discovery and so excited to share my experience with this beauty product! πŸ˜€

I never really cared for my eyebrows… & they would pass as long as they weren’t too bushy or hairy but.. recently with the Anastasia Brow wiz and Dipbrow Pomade, I finally figured how important they are and the satisfaction I have been missing!



I have been using the Anastasia Brow Wiz for a while and then today, I finally tried the Dipbrow Pomade and I feel like my life is complete, literally!

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It is quite a splurge as they cost slightly more and I too was skeptical but believe me, it is worth every penny! I finally understand the hype with these eyebrow products from Anastasia. I first purchased the Brow Wiz (Dark brown) because I wanted something easy for everyday that I can easily fill in and brush on. It really does the work and make your brows appear naturally as it is, but a bit more defined. However, I wasn’t expecting the pencil to be so skinny but the formula is quite waxy, so it seems like it will last for a good amount of time (worth that $$).

What I am impressed with even more is the Dipbrow Pomade (dark brown)! The jar is just filled with magic for Β your brows! It especially complements the brow wiz, intensifying the eyebrows and really making it stand out! The formula is creamy and pigmented, yet it doesn’t smudge or rub off easily. A little goes a loooooong way, so I can only imagine that this item will be with me forever! Haha! The only thing, however is that it doesn’t come with an angled brush or spooley to apply on the product, so if you are a beginner, you might have to purchase that separately (any type/brand should work just as well).



I am probably the last girl in here to be raving on these products that was released so longgg but I just had to share this excitement of having such satisfying eyebrows! My eyebrows naturally are not so defined and ends short. They also don’t really exist unless you look up-close. . With the Brow Wiz and Dipbrow Pomade, they have been getting so much more attention and I love it!


Now, my eyebrows are totally on point! Not perfect but definitely on fleek! Have you tried these products? What are you thoughts on them?



Oddinary Girl


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