Pray for Nepal

Pray for Nepal

I am still in shock… And the more I keep thinking, the more my heart breaks in pieces and tears run down the corners of my eyes. Nepal was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake this noon and all parts of Nepal had felt the earthquake, especially affecting Kathmandu and Pokhara. As a nepali living aboard, I feel even more helpless for my country… & it is the worst feeling ever. All I can do on my side is pray and help in any way I can possible.

One of our oldest historic landmark, Dharahara was brought down and it kills me that along with many of our nation’s possession, so many innocent souls have been lost today. 

 I remember vaguely climbing the Dharhara in 2006 as a 14 year old when I went for a visit after more than a decade. At that time, I didn’t care for it but now knowing that it is gone & never will be able to do it… I have come to appreciate it. This is a true reminder how we sometimes take things for granted… Once there, forever gone. 


I pray for all the lost souls, safety of those that made through and for the healing of my beautiful country.  Please keep Nepal in your prayers… For we will stand stronger. 

#prayfornepal & #staystrongnepal 

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