A sort-of Gladiators

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a good month so far cuz do I have to mention that we are approaching its final days! Maybe it’s just me, but I get so emotional in a sort of weird way when it comes to the final few days of the month because I can’t seem to figure out where my days went!

So to keep one of my 2015 resolutions alive, I have decided to share a little outfit of the day (ootd) during my weekend in Macau, featuring my new gladiator sandals!

Nothing interesting when it comes to black, but I love how this all black outfit makes the gladiator sandals pop out a bit more! I have been seeing so many amazing gladitors everywhere and especially that are knee- high length and I am totally loving them!

The ones that I’m rocking are a little above the ankle length and they give pretty much a similar look compared to the knee-high length. A little less intimidating for those that prefer subtle and easier to style in my opinion! It’s also alot practical to just slide it on and if you have to be going in and out, then probably these ankle-length is more suitable!

Β (Pictures of knee-high length gladiator sandals retrieved from pinterest)

The knee-high length however, is the total bomb! I am loving how Vanessa Hudgens has styled them, so effortless and casual! I’m sure these knee-high lengths will make any outfit standout of the crowd!

So, here’s my take on the more modest length gladiator that I picked up from Forever 21! It’s sort-of there… But maybe I’ll gather my confidence to wear the real-deal (knee-high length) once I get more wear out of these that I currently own!

Which one would you totally rock? Ankle-length, knee-high length? Let me know your thoughts!

Outfit details: Floppy hat// H&M, Dress//Forever21, Gladiator Sandals//Forever21


Oddinary Girl


Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review

Recently, I have been a sucker for skin care. Last week when I was in Macau, I popped into the Lush Store at the Venetian and bought this amazing mask out of impulse buying and I am so glad it came to be something worth it!  

The Mask of Magnaminty by Lush is a self-preserving mask, so there is no need to worry about keeping it fresh as it does its own work! As seen in the picture, one of its main ingredients is peppermint oil, which gives a smoothing cooling sensation to the skin when applied. It helps to prevent breakouts and makes skin feel rejuvenated afterwards. My skin seriously feels so smooth and soft ( like the saying ‘soft like baby’s bum’)! As the mask is quite grainy, it helps to exfoliate skin when cleansing off, extracting dead skin and clearing away dull spots! Trust me, you would want to constantly touch your skin because of how smooth and soft it feels!   One thing I love about Lush is that all its ingredients are organic, fresh and handmade! It also fights animal testing and uses recycled materials. For me, this is a bonus point that makes every Lush item not a waste at all!   

I highly recommend you ladies this mask, especially for the ladies with acne-prone or oily skin! Or just try anything Lush, I am sure you too will find it worth it! This mask is definitely worth it! This is so going to be a staple in my skin care regime from now on! 

What is your favourite Lush product? Be sure to share them with me! πŸ™‚ 


Oddinary Girl

Macau: Weekend Getaway

For a very long time, well at least I think, I have been craving to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life but it just wasn’t possible with all the assignment deadlines as a student and preparations to be done for the summer course at work! As soon as I submitted my last assignment, I had to celebrate and so last weekend, I planned a mini weekend getaway with my friend to Macau! My short vacay lasted for 2 days (16-18 May, 2015) but I felt like it was one of the most satisfying getaway even though Macau is pretty much similar to HK (in terms of the hustle and bustle in downtown).

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The Beach view from our hotel. Not the best but still very relaxing πŸ™‚

We checked in Saturday night at this hotel near the beach called the Pousada De Coloane. It lies a bit remote from the city area and we didn’t realize this until we got there, which was about a 40 minute ride form the ferry terminal.  Unexpectedly, it was quite worth it hearing the waves hitting the shore early in the morning! So, I would say it’s a great location if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in a city like Macau! To be honest, from my experience, it actually balanced the day, from shopping and visiting hectic busy areas to winding down and having a piece of mind at the end of the day!

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This was our room! Very cozy and vintage-looking.

I only visited the Macau Tower and the Venetian the first time, so of course I had to visit other main attractions, like the Galaxy, City of Dreams and the Ruins of St. Paul. On the night we arrived, we visited the City of Dreams and partied all night at one of Macau’s top Clubs, called Cubic. It had such a concert sort-of- vibe with its huge stage and the DJ’s hitting their jam on the stage. We literally danced all night and thank god, we decided to ditch our heels before we left the hotel! So yes, we were partying in our flats and vans, but hey we still got free shots and drinks at the bar! πŸ˜€

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Getting ready for a night out!

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Clicking away some selfies before we dance the night!

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Club Cubic ❀

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The next day, we could hardly get up and the weather was not cooperating too! It was drizzling all afternoon and we were pretty much stuck indoors for a good 2 hours during lunch at the hotel.

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Coffee fixes everything!

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Brunch ❀

Then, late afternoon, we headed to Venetian to explore the casinos and shop around. It was my first time in a casino and it’s not like I even know how things work, so obviously I was only comfortable with pressing as few buttons as possible and to try my luck! So we played the Big Wheel, where we just had to insert a few dollars, choose a number and hope for the best!

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Since we couldn’t take any pictures in the casino, we took one above it. 

Then we tried searching for Bath & Body Works, since we don’t have it in Hong Kong and it literally took us like an hour! It was all worth it when we got to smell all those yummy candles (what I was looking forward to most!). It got a bit overwhelming after a while and I ended up getting just 1 candle that I initially smelled and loveeeed! Coconut Leaves! Two of my favorite thing in a jar! JUST AN EXPLOSION OF WONDERFULNESS! Btw, I also went a little nuts over Lush, especially their bath bombs.

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The ever so picturesque Sky of the Venetian ❀

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I had to take a picture!

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I have yet to try the indoor boating next time I visit!

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Bath & Body Works!!!! Candles candles candles!

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Already burning this amazing candle! perfect blend of sweetness & freshness!

After Venetian, we hopped on the shuttle and got a free ride to the Galaxy! We bought little charms from pandora that signified Macau to add onto our bracelets and bangles. The fountain in one of the entrance was humongous and the fountain show was even more amazing! They also had a peacock dance performance and they were just as amazing! After that, it was Casino time to try our luck again at the Galaxy! I’ll admit, it was a short-term gain! πŸ˜›

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The very golden Galaxy.

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The amazing fountain show, where a huge diamond pops up at the ending.

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The beautiful peacock performance ❀

Finally, we made our way to see the very famous Ruins of St. Paul (because it wouldn’t be a Macau vacay without it!). We had to walk through Senado Square, which is another popular venue infused with history with its wave-patterned mosaic stones that were built by the Portuguese and modern culture with various shopping attractions and cuisines! Indeed, the architecture has been preserved so well that it seems like you have travelled back in centuries. As dreamy as the walk is to St. Paul, there is nothing like seeing the mesmerizing facade that stands so grand. Personally, I think it is even more spectacular at night and there is something about it that is so calming as you climb through the steps and make your way to it. I am very glad that I got to visit it and probably is the highlight of my trip like many tourists!

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At Senado Square

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The grand Ruins of St. Paul

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The view when you reach the facade of St. Paul.

A vacay isn’t a vacay without a little spending, so we popped into Forever 21 that was next to the church and got some goodies for ourselves! After that, we were exhausted to the max and hungry (hangry even!) and we decided to get Indian food to fulfill our cravings! We went to this small resto called Indian Spice and the food was divine! Finally gathering up our energy, we headed back to our hotel to get some rest and spent the rest of the night in hot bubble baths, movies and chit-chats over wine!

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Indian Spice!

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Nothing like a lush bubble bath to wind down.

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Chit-chats, movies & wines to seal the day!

Though a short trip, it did its magic by making my weekend a lot more interesting than usual! It made me miss last summer and the year before where I spent a few months away, like really away from home! Having no plans this summer, I am more excited about making spontaneous trips here and there, even if it is in this tiny place called Hong Kong! I figured I should aim to visit each and every corner of my own hometown while I am home for summer.

Xoxo, Oddinary Girl

Trip to the Body Shop <3

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe we are almost half way through 2015! Time really does not wait for you!

Anyway today, I wanted to share about my trip to the Body Shop a while back when my skin was breaking out sooo bad… like to the point my acne started hurting! I had intense redness and inflammation on the side of my cheeks. So, I thought I HAD to do something to keep it under control. I decided to try some new skin care products from the Body shop (probably not the best idea to try something new, but there is just something about new products at desperate times!).

In the hopes of magically clearing my skin acne, I thought I would try the Body Shop’s Tea Tree range, which I have heard about so much! I went ahead and bought the Tea Tree skin clearing toner and the Tea Tree oil. Tea tree oil is said to be good for clearing acnes and blemishes and the Body shop’s tea tree range seemed to be working magic on people who have tried them. The vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet moisturizer was recommended for Hong Kong’s humid weather by the sales lady, so I got that too while I was there.


I was so excited to try on the tea tree toner that night, but it shocked me how strong it was for my skin! The first time I used it, it literally burnt my face! I did hear about it being tingly to the skin and that it was not suitable for sensitive skin, however, even for my non-sensitive skin, it felt intense that I had to research online to see if it was normal! Has anyone had a similar experience? I kinda regretted buying it and did not even consider trying the tea tree oil. However, the next couple of days, the more I used it, the less tingly it felt and my skin started adjusting to it. Now, it works like magic for me too! It mattifies my skin without drying it out and my blemishes seem to have eased. I also use the tea tree oil on stubborn acnes that need a little extra care. However, I only use the toner 2/3 times a week and tea tree oil when I really break out. Overall, they do seem to work well with my acne prone skin!

The moisturizer is one of my favorite purchase from body shop! It is perfect for Summer in Hong Kong! Very light-weight and refreshing! It feels almost minty and tingly but in a good way. It keeps my skin hydrated the whole day and can also be used as a night moisturizer (does not have SPF)! It claims that it is suitable for all skin type, which I do believe because of its light-weight texture! Believe it or not, I am almost halfway through the jar!


Well, it isn’t really a shopping trip without a little bit of splurge… so I also ended up getting some amazing smelling things too! The White Musk perfume is my mum’s and my favourite Body Shop perfume of all time! It’s also so appropriate for the warmer days as it’s gives a very subtle sweetness. Also, I could not pass the shower gels that were on special on $25 HKD each, so I had to stock up on them! The almond hand cream was actually a free gift and everybody loves random free gifts, so obviously I had quite a satisfying trip at the body shop! πŸ˜€

IMG_2140Β What are your favourite products from the body shop? Would love to hear about other great products too! πŸ™‚