Trip to the Body Shop <3

Trip to the Body Shop <3

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe we are almost half way through 2015! Time really does not wait for you!

Anyway today, I wanted to share about my trip to the Body Shop a while back when my skin was breaking out sooo bad… like to the point my acne started hurting! I had intense redness and inflammation on the side of my cheeks. So, I thought I HAD to do something to keep it under control. I decided to try some new skin care products from the Body shop (probably not the best idea to try something new, but there is just something about new products at desperate times!).

In the hopes of magically clearing my skin acne, I thought I would try the Body Shop’s Tea Tree range, which I have heard about so much! I went ahead and bought the Tea Tree skin clearing toner and the Tea Tree oil. Tea tree oil is said to be good for clearing acnes and blemishes and the Body shop’s tea tree range seemed to be working magic on people who have tried them. The vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet moisturizer was recommended for Hong Kong’s humid weather by the sales lady, so I got that too while I was there.


I was so excited to try on the tea tree toner that night, but it shocked me how strong it was for my skin! The first time I used it, it literally burnt my face! I did hear about it being tingly to the skin and that it was not suitable for sensitive skin, however, even for my non-sensitive skin, it felt intense that I had to research online to see if it was normal! Has anyone had a similar experience? I kinda regretted buying it and did not even consider trying the tea tree oil. However, the next couple of days, the more I used it, the less tingly it felt and my skin started adjusting to it. Now, it works like magic for me too! It mattifies my skin without drying it out and my blemishes seem to have eased. I also use the tea tree oil on stubborn acnes that need a little extra care. However, I only use the toner 2/3 times a week and tea tree oil when I really break out. Overall, they do seem to work well with my acne prone skin!

The moisturizer is one of my favorite purchase from body shop! It is perfect for Summer in Hong Kong! Very light-weight and refreshing! It feels almost minty and tingly but in a good way. It keeps my skin hydrated the whole day and can also be used as a night moisturizer (does not have SPF)! It claims that it is suitable for all skin type, which I do believe because of its light-weight texture! Believe it or not, I am almost halfway through the jar!


Well, it isn’t really a shopping trip without a little bit of splurge… so I also ended up getting some amazing smelling things too! The White Musk perfume is my mum’s and my favourite Body Shop perfume of all time! It’s also so appropriate for the warmer days as it’s gives a very subtle sweetness. Also, I could not pass the shower gels that were on special on $25 HKD each, so I had to stock up on them! The almond hand cream was actually a free gift and everybody loves random free gifts, so obviously I had quite a satisfying trip at the body shop! πŸ˜€

IMG_2140Β What are your favourite products from the body shop? Would love to hear about other great products too! πŸ™‚




4 thoughts on “Trip to the Body Shop <3

  1. You’ve got some wonderful products! Love pretty much everything, especially this cute little day cream I’m using right now, smells and has the texture of sorbet and its so fresh feeling!


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