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Tansen, Palpa [Nepal trip 2017]

Tansen, Palpa [Nepal trip 2017]

There’s always something new to see and learn no matter how many times you visit the same place. Each time is an eye-opener and each time it will just hit you how fortunate you are in your own way.

Last December when I went back for a very short trip to Nepal to accompany my mum, I visited this place called Tansen, which is in Palpa. I always knew my mum’s hometown was Palpa and I’m sure I’ve been there before but I never really thought much about it.

2017-12-24 10:03:06.054

It took about 2 hours from Butwal to reach Tansen, though it felt so much longer because of the many turns and curvy roads. I’d say it was quite an adventure just sitting there in the car watching yourself go higher and higher in the mountains and to be so near the edge, it almost felt like a slow roller coaster.

2017-12-24 09:41:52.606

2017-12-24 10:33:43.677

Tansen is an ancient hill town that is located midway between Lumbini and Pokhara. It is located in between Nepal’s two most touristy areas, Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha and Pokhara, known for its trekking heaven. So, if you were to take a road trip between those two places, you’d definitely be passing by Tansen. If you do, you should certainly take a day rest here and enjoy this lively town.

2017-12-24 10:33:32.201

Tansen to me was like a hidden gem. The fact that the closest city was more than 2 hours away, yet people still created homes and lived in such hilltops was so fascinating to me.


Because we were in a hurry to get to my mum’s grandmother’s place which was on the way, I wasn’t able to explore the little town bazaar or really go anywhere out the car.

2017-12-24-104128-345.jpg2017-12-24 10:54:38.187

I never thought I’d see a place so colorful and beautiful. I really hope that I can visit this place again and truly get to immerse in its beauty.

2017-12-24 10:56:43.817

I know that next time, I will.



Oddinary Girl



Good intentions

Good intentions


All I wanted was to be the most supportive, ready to catch even when you fall, no apology needed even when you mess up kind of person to you. All was good even though the situation wasn’t ideal. I could see past all the darkness and see the beaming bright light at the end of the tunnel. But sometimes no matter how much patience you give someone, no matter how hard you try to be their rock, you can still be never good enough, never understanding enough, never patient enough, and instead of noticing why you were doing all those in the first place, you start to wonder if it is just you.

This whole time I was trying my best to fix a broken heart even though I realized each time I was giving away a part of me, I thought it’d be a success and everything would work out fine. Perhaps I should think more positively… maybe this isn’t the end, this is just one of those multiple bumps we need to bear through.

Only time will tell and I am no powerful than time, so for now, instead of going over and over my head thinking what happened in a blink of an eye, I will let time pass by. No matter what I do or say at this point, I’d just be wounding myself. I won’t let my emotions get the best of me instead I will let them be and accept them as they are. Time will heal me because I am no greater than time.

Innisfree Green Tea Skincare Review

Innisfree Green Tea Skincare Review

Hey lovelies!

I’m doing a little skincare review because I know that some of you guys are following me because of my previous posts about beauty & makeup and because… I want to (main reason).

I’ve tried the Innisfree Green tea line before and I remember loving their Green tea seed cream, which is a very refreshing moisturizer. Since I really needed a new moisturizer because my old one wasn’t helping with the dry patches on my cheeks, I decided to pick up the same moisturizer I had. But of course, it would be a crime if I didn’t pick up some extra goodies along the way.

  1. Innisfree green tea balancing cream

The last moisturizer I got was the green tea seed cream and this one is just the green tea balancing cream. I asked the sales lady what the difference was and she said the “seed” part, which meant the green tea seed provided more intense moisture to the skin. She also recommended the “seed” one for dry skin. As I have oily/combination skin, I went for the normal green tea cream, which I can use as every day, day-time cream.

So far, I’ve been loving it. The cream feels silky smooth and glides very nicely. It has a very fresh smell to it and gives a slight radiant glow to the face. It works really well with my foundation too. I no longer have dry patches on my cheeks and my face feels quite smooth throughout the day.

Overall, it’s a good moisturizer for normal/ everyday use!

2. Innisfree green tea seed eye cream

I’m almost in my mid-twenties and I have to be honest, I’m starting to feel a little worried about ageing lines and wrinkles. I know that any skincare fanatic/expert will tell you that eye cream is soooooo important (along with other things too) but I have to admit that, this is actually my FIRST EVER EYE CREAM! Until now, I’d never felt the urge to get one. Anyway, I’d heard quite good stuff about this one from Innisfree so I thought I’d give it a try.

This eye cream is especially for nourishing the eye area. I’m not quite sure whether it does more like minimizing fine lines, helping with the eyebags & dark circles but it is a good eye cream to begin with if you just need something for the eye area. The texture of the cream, like its other green tea products, is very silky and smooth. I use it daily at night before I go to bed.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it for beginners like me! Though, I do realize that I need something more for my eyebags & dark circles.

3. Innisfree green tea seed serum


This serum is a top seller of Innisfree and I can tell why so many people love it. It does what it claims to be, to provide a dewy and clear skin from deep within. I think it has somewhat helped with my redness too.

It’s a liquid-y formula that gives the face instant nourishment after washing the face. What I like about it the most is how well the product is absorbed by the skin and it’s a great feeling afterward. I really like using this at night by slowing massaging and patting it on my face after I’ve cleansed my face. Also, one pump is enough. The next morning, I guarantee that your face will feel very smooth. I would totally recommend this from the green tea line!

I really think that sometimes we tend to forget that our face is the most exposed skin, which is why we need to give it extra attention. Also for me, one way to get myself into caring for my skin is by getting new products that’ll get me excited! I know this is not a good reason, but for now it works! Perhaps in the future, I’ll find a legitimate skincare routine that I’ll swear by but really… for now this works for me!

If you can relate to me, get yourself some new skincare goodies! It’ll make you excited about washing your face more often!

Have you tried any of Innisfree green tea products? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear them!!!


Oddinary Girl



First sunset of the year 2018.


It’s ordinary things like these that I realize make me feel completely fulfilled at the end of the day.


Things we see every day of our lives but never noticed.


Next time you feel like getting away from the crowds of life, take a moment.


Take the moment to notice and appreciate what was always there. You too will be cured.



Beautifully Bold

Beautifully Bold

There’s always something to learn from what you capture…

Unknowingly it was a full moon on this day and I couldn’t help but admire in awe. I also especially realised how long it’s been since I took a moment to look up and just appreciate… what’s being given.

The moon was a perfect round and a burnt golden yellow.

And in that moment, I could see its full beauty without a trace of timidness yet it still carried itself with complete modesty.

And that’s when I learned, being all that you can offer…. and that being bold is a beautiful thing.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little sharing. Stay bold & beautiful!


Oddinary girl