A Choice

A Choice

Hey my lovelies!

Logged back in after ages… and what a coincidence! It’s my blog’s 3rd Anniversary!

Ever since I was little, my personal diary meant the most to me. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I always kept a journal, writing about my days, special moments, the goods and the bads. Like most, it was a way to express myself. Rather than sharing my feelings with people, I found more calming to write them down. Even today, I feel that I can express myself better in writing than doing it verbally.

Before this blog, I had other blogs as well, such as xanga, blogspot and so on, however, 3 years ago, I decided to make this one an official one so that all my thoughts and experiences could be saved in one place. Besides that, I also wanted to put myself out there in the big cyber world. I wanted to share myself, meet other bloggers and hopefully gain something from them!

Today, I am admitting that I have not achieved what I decided to achieve 3 years ago. I definitely don’t have a big following, I occasionally post and I hardly keep in touch with people I’ve met in here! And what I realized is that, it was not because I could not achieve it or was not lucky enough, but it was the CHOICE I made. All this time, my time was shifted somewhere else in my life, graduating with honours, moving house and starting a new job! I can say that all these things occupied my time and so I did not have the time for this blog, but I’d be lying because truth is, we can always make time for things we really want and this blog is something that I want to work for.

From today, I am making another CHOICE, which I should have done long ago. I am going to put my full effort in this blog and stay consistent with it. If you have been reading til here, some wise words of motivation would help me to keep going. Or if you see yourself in me, be sure to share your thoughts! I would appreciate any type of feedback.


Oddinary Girl


Better days :)

Better days :)


Had a long day? Well, I guess when you see such a sky at the end of the day while driving home, it becomes all worth it and you start to appreciate what nature has to offer! In that sense, after a long day, the mesmerising sky is only telling you that tomorrow might be a better day! 🙂

Reality of Dreams

Reality of Dreams

I have literally left everything behind. Entered a new world with nothing but pieces of randomness that reminded me of my TRUE home. Coming here 2 months ago, I felt like I was living my dream. I had always been fascinated with American culture since I was very into the western pop media, movies and series U know. I felt like coming here, my life would be like the movies. Beautiful places, faces, mini-breaks at the coffee shop, experiencing music festivals and home-coming games and so on. Not that I’m saying I did not indulged in all that jazz, I really did, and had the best time in my life! I had always said..”Oh, I’m just going away for 4 and a half month… I’ll be back soon!” but even though it has been 2 months, time seems to have flown very slow and I just want to go back. I am glad that I at least have some bits and pieces of home, which are mainly Asian snacks. One thing I immediately noticed was the slow-paced of time here compared to Hong Kong. Living in Hong Kong, each hour I was at a different place, either at the mall, shopping, hanging out with friends and families. Every minute I looked at my watch, an hour or so would have gone by. But here, with the wide and open nature, time seems to take its time. Out my window, everything is so still, the trees occasionally waves and the rain occasionally showers. All I see are the dormitories side by side and the huge car park but my thoughts are beyond that.

I am here, living in the moment of what I had always dreamed about, to live in America, and if I had not reached this goal, I would have always wondered what it would be like and would have always thought unknowingly that it is my dream. I am very grateful for the opportunity life has given me to accomplish this dream. Without it, I would have always wondered and I’d never know the true answer. I guess we all only truly understand by actually living in that moment and not just our idea or assumption of our fantasy dream. I am not disappointed, not at all but more confident of what I want in life.