Lights & Stars

Lights & Stars

Living in the city that’s become hard to spot stars, how I wish I was somewhere where I could look up & count the stars to sleep. But instead this is what I see, a birds-view of city lights. Seeing this, I feel even more blessed. And I remember, serenity is not what’s on the outside but what we feel in the inside.

Throwing a little throwback to the start of my deadline weeks (the end of semester many of us in universities/college can relate!).

Hope everyone else is having good days!

Oddinary Girl

Letter to God

Letter to God

Letter to God

Is it just me?

Wandering like a lost soul

Have I missed a turn somewhere?

This road keeps extending, never reaching

Dear Father? Dear Lord? Dear God?

This numbness only stretches, never ending

In this circular maze, floating on the surface, I look to grasp upon

You, to follow You, to praise You, to kneel to You, lead me the way

Show me how to love like You have loved all


Is this the way I live?

Wandering like a lost soul

Have I missed a sign somewhere?

I have grown weary and baffled seeking the truth

Dear Father? I am falling on my knees in this drought

Hungry for your Love, desirous for touch, I can no longer rise

I surrender, I surrender, to this path that runs the opposite from You

I am slowing drowning in my thoughts, looking for your presence in me

Dear Lord? Dear God? Make me alive again, for this time, I will live through You.



*This was for my poem writing exercise… I don’t know if anyone can rationalize what those lines reflect or if anyone can even understand it. But to me personally, it truly speaks for my inner conflict and it really did just come out of my emotion of feeling lost and confused. When I wrote it, I didn’t care about the perfection or the diction or the grammar or whatever of it but I wrote it down to vent out my feelings, to understand in a slow calmness about my relationship with Him.