Lights & Stars

Lights & Stars

Living in the city that’s become hard to spot stars, how I wish I was somewhere where I could look up & count the stars to sleep. But instead this is what I see, a birds-view of city lights. Seeing this, I feel even more blessed. And I remember, serenity is not what’s on the outside but what we feel in the inside.

Throwing a little throwback to the start of my deadline weeks (the end of semester many of us in universities/college can relate!).

Hope everyone else is having good days!

Oddinary Girl

You are a Star!

You are a Star!

If it is anything that I have learnt from my astronomy class, “Exploring the Universe”, it would have to be the very fact that we are stars, literally.

Even though I am an English major and Astronomy isn’t really my forte, I gained some valuable understanding about who we are and what we are.

Firstly, you are a star.

We originated from the bits and pieces of stars billions and zillions years ago, which our home, earth is made up of. So yes, technically, we can say we’re stars.

Secondly, the space of the universe is unimaginable, making us very, very small. Almost insignificant. The universe doesn’t revolve around earth, so similarly, we cannot expect ourselves to be the centre of attraction.

But then again no matter how small we feel, we are all special in our own way.

Why? Well, back to the first point, because you are a star.


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